Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)

The Sussex Heart Charity pledged £100,000 over the course two years to train and implement a new Enhanced Recovery After Surgery service for The Royal Sussex County Hospital,  the first of its kind for the counties of East and West Sussex.

The aim of the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) programme is for patients to return to full health as soon as possible after their operation. Research has shown that the earlier a patient gets out of bed and starts eating and drinking, the quicker their recovery. The programme begins before the operation, progresses whilst in hospital and continues when they are back at home. There are many ways a patient can speed up their recovery and the ERAS programme enables the patient to take an active role in the preparation for surgery and recovery.

Enhanced Recovery has been shown to reduce length of stay and improves patients’ and families’ satisfaction. However, only a minority of centres in the UK have ER pathways.

Benefits of ERAS

  • Better patient experience – patients will not be spending unnecessary days in hospital before and after surgery.
  • Patient safety- a shorter length of stay in hospital can potentially reduce the
  • incidence of hospital acquired infections.
  • Potential early return to work and reduced social & financial impact.
  • Bed management is easier to predict. This in turn may reduce waiting times for other patients.

This service is now a new standard of care for eligible patients and will be fully adopted by the Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Trust.

Marita, the ERAS Nurse at the Royal Sussex County Hospital funded by the SHC