Please read before completing your application below:

  • The first underlying principle of the Sussex Heart Charity is to improve in the county of Sussex, the quality of cardiac patients’ lives and their families, and to promote and facilitate resuscitation in the community.
  • With respect to governance issues and the Charity Commission, the Sussex Heart Charity is not able to supply equipment or services which are clearly the statutory responsibilities of your local NHS Trust to provide
  • The request must meet the Sussex Heart Charity’s criteria for making the lives of cardiac patients in the County of Sussex more comfortable and more convenient, or for promoting or facilitating resuscitation.
  • Retrospective claims will not be considered.
  • Incomplete forms will not be considered.
  • Applications need to be submitted with the appropriate information.
  • Funding is awarded retrospectively upon submission of appropriate receipts.
  • A ceiling of £500 support per person in any academic year is allowed. Therefore, several applications may be made in any given academic year, but only to a total amount of £500.
  • Examination fees do not qualify.
  • Education and conference bursaries will require countersigning by your line manager.
  • All applications will have a time limit to be used within 6 months from date of being awarded. After this date the funding will be withdrawn and a new application would be necessary.
  • All grants are at the trustees’ entire discretion including as to the merits of the particular application, priority and availability of funds.

Tips for a successful application

  • Speak to your line manager first. There may be funding available elsewhere which will allow you to use SHC funding for additional development opportunities 
  • Book travel and accommodation as early as possible. Saving here helps our funds go further
  • Try not to use your yearly funding allocation in one go
  • Try to make the most reasonable travel and accommodation arrangements 
  • We encourage you to share cars and hotel rooms where possible 

Your Details

Line Managers Details

Outline of Proposal

If between two dates - put the first date you would like to attend.
Links to application forms, relevant websites, online brochures etc...
Please give as much information as possible about your request. How will it benefit you, your patients and a detailed breakdown of costs.

Helping the SHC help you

Our supporters love to learn how we spend the funds we raise. It helps us immensely if you are able to take photos at your event, write a thank you or make a social media post. What could you do for us?
We can never have enough volunteers


  • I declare that the information given on this form is true and that any funds received would be solely for the purpose as detailed above.
  • I have fully completed this application form and enclosed cost estimates.
  • I agree to make invoices/receipts available on completion of the project on request.
  • I agree to abide by the conditions set out by the Sussex Heart Charity in making the award.
  • I agree to return any bursary made if it is no longer possible to proceed with the purpose of the application.
  • I have read and understood the section above this form.
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