Please read before completing your application below:

  • The first underlying principle of the Sussex Heart Charity is to improve the lives of people with heart conditions in Sussex.
  • With respect to governance and the Charity Commission, the Sussex Heart Charity is not able to provide funding for courses or conferences that fall under the statutory responsibilities of your local NHS Trust.
  • Incomplete forms will not be considered. It is essential to submit applications with all the appropriate information.
  • Retrospective claims will not be considered.
  • Reimbursement can only be processed with the provision of valid receipts or invoices.
  • A maximum support ceiling of £500 per person per academic year is allowed. Therefore, multiple applications can be made in any given academic year, but the total amount cannot exceed £500.
  • The educational grants and bursaries provided by Sussex Heart Charity are intended to support individual professional development and cannot be allocated to cover expenses for multiple attendees. Each applicant must submit a separate and individual application for consideration.
  • Examination fees do not qualify for funding under the educational grants and bursaries scheme.
  • Prior approval from your line manager is required before applying for an education or conference bursary. Seek their endorsement to proceed with the application.
  • Once your grant request has been approved, it is important to note that evidence for reimbursement must be promptly submitted upon completion of the course or conference. Timely submission of documentation, such as receipts or invoices, is crucial for efficient processing of the reimbursement.
  • All grants are at the entire discretion of the Trustees of the Sussex Heart Charity, including decisions on the merits of individual applications, priority, and availability of funds. The final determination of grant awards rests with the Trustees.

Tips for a successful application

  1. Research alternative funding sources: Before applying for funding from the Sussex Heart Charity, explore other potential funding options that may be available to you. Speak to your line manager and investigate the options available on IRIS.
  2. Plan and budget carefully: Create a detailed budget for your proposed educational activity, outlining all anticipated expenses. This includes registration fees, travel and accommodation.
  3. Seek cost-effective travel options: When making travel arrangements, consider cost-saving measures such as booking in advance and comparing prices from different providers. Additionally, consider the benefits of traveling together and carpooling with colleagues attending the same event. Coordinate with your colleagues and explore the possibility of sharing rides or even hiring a shared vehicle if suitable.
  4. Explore affordable accommodation options: Look for affordable accommodation options, such as discounted rates for conference attendees or special rates for group bookings. Additionally, consider sharing hotel rooms with colleagues attending the same event.
  5. Maximise learning opportunities: In your application, highlight how you plan to maximise the educational benefits of the opportunity. Explain how you intend to actively engage in workshops, networking sessions, and knowledge-sharing activities to make the most of the experience.
  6. Demonstrate long-term impact: Emphasise how the knowledge and skills you gain through the educational opportunity will have a lasting impact on your professional development and benefit cardiac patients in the Sussex community. Consider outlining how you plan to share the acquired knowledge with colleagues and integrate it into your work.

Your Details

Line Managers Details

Outline of Proposal

E.g. You don't meet the criteria for IRIS funding.
If between two dates - put the first date you would like to attend.
Links to where you purchased your tickets to attend, your proposed travel and accommodation arrangements.
Please give as much information as possible about your request. How will it benefit you and improve cardiac healthcare in Sussex?

Helping the SHC help you

Our supporters love to learn how we spend the funds we raise. It helps us immensely if you are able to take photos at your event, write a thank you or make a social media post. What could you do for us?


  • I declare that the information given on this form is true and that any funds received would be solely for the purpose as detailed above.
  • I have fully completed this application form and enclosed cost estimates.
  • I agree to make invoices/receipts available on completion of the project on request.
  • I agree to abide by the conditions set out by the Sussex Heart Charity in making the award.
  • I agree to return any bursary made if it is no longer possible to proceed with the purpose of the application.
  • I have read and understood the section above this form.
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