Peter Freeman

What is your name and when did you join the Sussex Heart Charity?

Peter Freeman. I joined the Board in October 2021

What is your background/profession? Notable achievements?

I was the Director for British aid to Africa at the Department for International Development until diagnosed with ischaemic heart disease and having a Coronary Bypass. Since then, I have chaired the Board at the Hove-based charity Frontline AIDS and was a Trustee at other charities, including Brighton Housing Trust and the Institute of Development Studies. I was Chair of Governors at BHASVIC Sixth Form College for twelve years and am now in the same role at Coombe Road Primary School in Brighton.

How do you use your skills/experience/knowledge to help the Sussex Heart Charity meet its charitable objectives?

I hope that my personal experience of living with heart disease and my previous work with large and small charities will be of value to SHC and the many people who benefit from it.

What are your aspirations for the Sussex Heart Charity?

To improve the experiences of cardiac patients across Sussex

Why do you think the Sussex Heart Charity is worth supporting?

SHC provides ways for businesses and individuals to supplement and improve the local NHS cardiac services