David Scott

What is your name and when did you join the Sussex Heart Charity?

David Scott – I recently joined the Board of Trustees in October 2021

What is your background/profession? Notable achievements?

I am an experienced Finance Manager for a global technology company, whilst also acting as the Finance Trustee for the Ropetackle Arts Centre in Shoreham and as a local advisor to sport & activity clubs who are members of the Sported charity.

How do you use your skills/experience/knowledge to help the Sussex Heart Charity meet its charitable objectives?

I look to apply the lessons learnt from my many years of corporate experience, whilst also appreciating the specific challenges of managing a charity through the pandemic and current economic environment.

What are your aspirations for the Sussex Heart Charity?

To continue to help support the local cardiac services including the associated care & education programmes throughout the county.

Why do you think the Sussex Heart Charity is worth supporting?

The SHC has a proven track record of helping the local NHS services provide exemplary care for its cardiac patients and providing AEDs throughout the county. As such, we have a passionate belief that the work of SHC helps to both save lives and also to improve the lives of local patients in need of cardiac care.