Criteria for Successful grant / bursary applications to the Sussex Heart Charity

  • The first underlying principle of the Sussex Heart Charity is to improve in the county of Sussex, the quality of cardiac patients’ lives and their families, and to promote and facilitate resuscitation in the community.
  • With respect to governance issues and the Charity Commission, the Sussex Heart Charity is not able to supply equipment or services which are clearly the statutory responsibilities of your local NHS Trust to provide.
  • All equipment requests by NHS or other health care providers should be for additional items of equipment, facilities or services, and not for replacement of existing items.
  • With respect to equipment grants the applicant will have to guarantee mechanisms are in place for ongoing financial support and maintenance.
  • The request must meet the Sussex Heart Charity’s criteria for making the lives of cardiac patients in the County of Sussex more comfortable and more convenient, or for promoting or facilitating resuscitation.
  • Retrospective claims will not be considered.
  • Incomplete forms will not be considered.
  • Applications need to be submitted with the appropriate information, and monies only paid retrospectively upon submission of appropriate receipts.
  • With respect to the education conference bursaries, a ceiling of £300 support per person in any academic year is allowed. Therefore several applications may be made in any given academic year, but only to a total amount of £300 support.
  • Examination fees do not qualify, to make things clear, ( Fees for exams are not paid out by other charities and even within NHS they do not qualify from study funds etc)
  • Education and conference bursaries will require counter signing by your line manager.
  • There are named bursaries for other larger requests and these are:
    • The Equipment Bursary
    • The Research Bursary
    • The Small Study Bursary

    These will be considered at the Sussex Heart Charity Director’s meetings and awarded on an annual basis.

  • Grant application meetings are held bi-monthly.
  • All applications will have a time limit to be used within 6 months from date of being awarded. After this date the funding will be withdrawn and a new application would be necessary.
  • All grants are at the trustees’ entire discretion including as to the merits of the particular application, priority and availability of funds.