When Rob Galloway had applied for the AED for Wish Park in Hove. He said “There are numerous football teams who play there and a large population of runners and dog walkers and general visitors to park. There is also a large residential area with no public access defibrillator in the vicinity”

Rob also provided some AED familiarisation and basic life support training to staff at the café users and friends of Wish Park
The AED been located on the exterior side wall of the cafe – it is public access defibrillator and is available 24/7

Rob Galloway is an A&E consultant at the Royal Sussex County Hospital he is also medical director for Brighton Marathon and the Brighton and Hove Albion stadium at Falmer. In 2012 the Sussex Heart Charity provided 8 AED’s at the stadium, these have now saved 3 lives. Without early defibrillation someone that has a cardiac arrest has a much reduced chance of survival.