This just one example of how your support of our work makes a difference.

We have very recently been made aware of a cardiac arrest of Football Commentator Mr Peter Brackley at Holbrook Club Horsham on the 17th February 2016 who was successfully resuscitated.

The AED that was used was a Public Access Defibrillator that had in August 2015 been funded and donated by the Sussex Heart Charity and the person performing CPR had received AED familiarisation and Basic Life Support training from us, which we provide free of charge when we place these community AED’s.

Successes such as this makes all of our and your work worthwhile.

Unfortunately (simply because no one was aware or the question has not been asked) there appears to be no mention of us or that fact that we had provided the AED and the training for the staff, and specifically the person involved in the resuscitation.

As a charity we like to celebrate success stories. But it is also important for us to raise awareness of these AED’s and why we insist that they are located outside, in unlocked cabinets and available 24/7 and also the benefit of providing associated training.

It’s fantastic to see that Peter is doing very well.