Biff’s SHC 2020 Sponsored Walk

The Sussex Heart Charity

A local independent heartcare charity who for the past thirty years have been on a mission to: 

Our notable achievements so far…

  • We funded and introduced the first permanent defibrillators for ambulances and hospital wards. Before this, they weren’t standard items of medical equipment.
  • We have installed over 270 lifesaving Automated External Defibrillators.
  • We funded the first ever Cardiac Rehabilitation nurse.
  • We funded the first ever dedicated Cardiac Rehabilitation service for those suffering with heart failure.
  • Our innovations set new standards of care which are often introduced country-wide:
  1. Patients receive better treatments
  2. Experience shorter hospital stays
  3. Quicker recovery time
  4. Increased life expectancy

We are involved in all areas of cardiac healthcare:

  1. Our numerous accessible Automated External Defibrillators can increase survival rates from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest to nearly 90% if the person is defibrillated quickly.
  2. Once at hospital, patients benefit from pioneering nurse-led services like our Advanced Cardiac Practitioners, the first of their kind in the county.
  3. Aftercare is handled by our pioneering Enhanced Recovery After Surgery nurse.
  4. Finally, patients benefit from a world-class Cardiac Rehabilitation Service.
Each year the Sussex Heart Charity arranges a sponsored seafront walk along the Brighton coastline from the Marina to the Peace Statue in Hove and return. A total of five miles. 
The walk has proven to be the most popular event for cardiac patients and their families. Most if not all the patients seen at the Sussex Cardiac Centre will have benefited from the work by the Sussex Heart Charity.