Most Common Questions

Why do you ask for a £900 contribution?

The £900 contribution pays for a portion of the package you receive whilst allowing us to continue to fund AEDs for other people.

What do I receive for my £900 contribution?

You will receive the following:

  • X1 HeartSine Samaritan 360P Fully-automatic Automated External Defibrillator
  • X1 Adult Pad-Pak containing the electrode pads and battery
  • X1 DuraFib or DefibCaddy External Unlocking Polycarbonate Cabinet with alarm, lights and heater
  • X1 Ready Kit containing a CPR Face Shield, vinyl gloves, disposable razor, Tuff Cut scissors (for clothing), wound cleansing wipes & gauze swabs
  • X1 Triangular AED wall sign
  • X1 AED Familiarisation and Basic Life Support session for x10 people

If I was to buy the package myself, how much would it cost?

The package we supply would cost between £1,800 and £2,000.

Why do you only supply unlocked cabinets?

During a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, quick defibrillation is necessary for the best chances of survival. Defibrillators placed in locked cabinets require a member of the public to ring the local ambulance service to obtain the access code which could waste valuable time.

For every minute that passes without defibrillation, 10% of the chance of survival diminishes.

In addition, extensive research by the Resuscitation Council UK has shown that locked cabinets do little to deter vandalism and theft.

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Why must the AED be located outside?

The devices we part-fund must be publicly accessible 24/7.

Who is responsible for the device once it is installed?

Each device must have a named Guardian. Once awarded, The Sussex Heart Charity assumes no responsibility for the device.

What do you mean by a Guardian?

A Guardian is someone who manages and monitors the device on a day-to-day basis. The Guardian is to carry out regular visual checks and purchase new consumables when required.

What do you mean by consumables and how much do they cost?

The electrode pads and battery are consumable parts.

The device we supply has these two items combined in a single use cartridge which is replaced after the device is used, or after the expiry date passes.

Each cartridge has a shelf-life of up to four years and costs approximately £110 to replace.

I'm worried about theft and vandalism

The Sussex Heart Charity has placed over 300 devices throughout Sussex with theft and vandalism affecting less than 1% of them over the past five years.

The device and cabinet

Does the cabinet need to be connected to power?

Yes. The power supply is needed for the lights, alarm and heater to keep conditions inside the cabinet optimal for AED storage.

Who is responsible for installing the cabinet?

You are responsible for finding a competent electrician to install the cabinet and connect it to mains power.

We are unable to recommend or source electricians for you.

Does the AED require mains power or charging?

No, the AED is powered by its onboard battery. The battery is non-rechargeable and has a four-year lifespan.

Is the cabinet waterproof?

Yes, the cabinet we supply is IP66 certified for outdoor use in the most extreme environments.

How much power does the cabinet use?

The cabinet uses very little electricity.

LED light – 0.5 Watts Per Hour

Digital Temperature Display – 3 Watts Per Hour

Heater – 100 Watts Per Hour when activated

Approximately £5.00 to £7.00 year or 0.018p per day.

What do you mean by 'alarmed cabinet'?

The cabinet we supply features a 120 decibel alarm which sounds when the cabinet door is opened. This acts as a deterrent for improper use and serves as an audible indication that someone may need help.

A remote is supplied with the cabinet for the Guardian to silence the alarm for carrying out checks on the AED.

How often should checks on the AED be carried out?

We recommend that the Guardian checks the AED at least once per week. The device will conduct daily self-tests to verify it is in working condition.

What happens if the AED is used?

Typically, the AED will be taken away with the casualty by the ambulance service. We recommend that you write ownership details on the back of the device in permanent marker so it can be returned.

Where can I purchase new consumables?

We recommend that consumables are purchased from one of the following suppliers:

I've lost or need a new AED Guardian Checklist

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