Criteria for Successful AED Grant Applications

The underlying principle of the Sussex Heart Charity which is a company limited by guarantee no 06339790 and a registered charity no 1120998 is to improve the quality of life of cardiac patients and their families and to promote and facilitate resuscitation in the community.

Please read the following statements before completing an application below:


Retrospective applications will not be considered.


An incomplete grant application form will not be considered.


The Grants Committee meets bi-monthly, and the decision to award or decline an application is at the Committee ’s discretion and will include the merits of the grant, priorities, and the availability of funds.


An application will be viewed more favourably if the AED is going to be available for public use 24 hours a day.


There must be a named individual (Responsible Person) who agrees to carry out regular (at least monthly) checking of all equipment.  The maintenance, upkeep and repair of equipment are the sole responsibly of the Grantee which must register with a monitoring service approved by the Charity. The Sussex Heart Charity is not responsible for the regular monitoring and checking of funded equipment, but the Charity may enter the Grantee’s premises to check that the Grantee and Person Responsible are carrying out their obligations.


The equipment provided will be a fully-automatic Cardiac Science G5 AED, a Sussex Heart Charity branded cabinet, two sets of electrodes, a ready kit and carry sleeve/case. It will be provided by the Charity as agent for the manufacturer and subject to all the manufacturer’s terms and conditions and limitations on liability and warranty. The cases will be labelled as supplied by the Charity but will also bear particulars of how the Person Responsible may be contacted (unless the cases are supplied locked and connected to the ambulance service).


Once a grant has been approved, the grantee must ensure the AED is installed within three months of the approval date.  Installation costs are borne by the Grantee. It is recommended the cabinet is connected to mains electricity to feed the alarm, heater, and indicator lights.


The current AED and cabinet package supplied by the charity requires a minimum contribution of at least £900 in advance of delivery of the device and associated accessories.   


Details of our recommended training associates can be provided on request. Please note that The Sussex Heart Charity does not provide training as part of the AED grant package. 


The Grantee and Responsible Person must at all times comply with the Resuscitation Council (UK) Code of Practice, guidelines and procedures and also all health and safety requirements and keep all records required by law.


During the eight-year warranty period of the AED, Cardiac Science will replace the pads free of charge. After the warranty period, the cost of replacing the pads is borne by the Grantee. The Grantee is responsible for batteries.


If at any time during or after the eight-year warranty period of the AED, the Grantee no longer wishes to keep the AED and/or any other funded items or is in breach of its obligations or becomes insolvent, such items must be returned to the Sussex Heart Charity. The Charity has no obligation to fund a replacement AED.


So far as the law permits the Charity will not be liable for any claim, liability, loss, damage, injury, death, economic consequential loss, costs or expenses in any way associated with the AED and the Grantee undertakes to indemnify the Charity against any such matter and any related costs or expenses. The Grantee also confirms that it holds reasonable insurance against any such matters.


The Grantee and Person Responsible must at all times keep confidential the personal information relating to any persons including those using or having AEDs used on them and comply with the requirements of the Data Protection legislation. In particular, any publicity requires consent.


The Grantee and the Person responsible will subject to the previous clause at all times seek to enhance the reputation of the Charity.

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