About Us

A cardiac department was set up in Brighton by Douglas Chamberlain in 1970, and he was joined by Richard Vincent in 1979.

Many kind patients gave money for the department’s use and the ‘Cardiac Department Discretionary Fund’ was set up.

The Charity supported local research and community resuscitation training was started in 1978. It became known as Heart Guard and was only the second of its type in Europe (after Norway). By 1984 over 20,000 citizens had been trained in Brighton and many lives had been saved: successes that would have been very unlikely without bystander intervention. Heart Guard continues to this day.

In 1987 the Charity was incorporated as a charitable company and called Brighton Heart Support Trust. The Charity funded Automated Defibrillators on two railway stations and we believe that this was the first public access defibrillation programme anywhere in the world. Many more have followed. The Charity increasingly financed projects outside the immediate vicinity of Brighton including community training and for this reason the Charity changed its name once more in 2006 and is now known as Sussex Heart Charity, guided by our Executive Officer and a committed group of Trustees.